The Amazing History Of The Most Luxurious Gentlemen’s Drink

Undoubltely, scoth is a fine, destiguished and noble gentlemen’s drink. It has a unique enticement and is also associated with a drink ritual making this drink an exclusive pleasure of the high class society.

Also known as the „water of life” or usquebaugh in Gaelic usage, this fine drink was originally used as a drug in medicine. The legend says that whiskey was created by St. Patrick which distilled barley beer into liquor which became whisky. It is said that since then (around the year 500), the drink was spread all across Scotland while the process of distilling became common and well known by every citizen.

There are a lot of legends talking about the most famous Scottish drink. However, the first written mention of Scotch whisky is only in 1495. Around that year the Exchequer Rolls tells us that there were records of royal income and expenditure. However, the production of this type of drink was first taxed only in 1644.

There are a few people who know that Scotland has internationally protected the term Scotch. This way, to be called “scotch whisky” a drink has to be produced in a distillery in Scotland, it has to be made from water and malted barley, with no added substances and it also has to contain a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 40%.

For these reasons, a veritable Scotch whisky label will contain several elements that indicate aspects of production, age, bottling, and ownership.

Therefore, whisky is a noun that refers to the drink in Scotland while there is also another term, whiskey referring to a similar drink produced in England, Wales, Ireland or anywhere else.


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