Upscale And Affordable: Luxury Cars You Can Find Under $25,000

It is quite difficult to find a bona fide bargain in the used car market segment nowadays. Various analysts reported a 7.1 percent elevation in used automobile prices in the similar period some time back. It was an average high of $18,088 per unit.

That is quite less than the national average for brand new automobiles and that is at $33,500. The bargain hunters may find a nice quality three year old car and a luxury car model. It is a nice means to move up them to the luxury class.

The list has some of the finest luxury segment’s best rides and that includes the best BMW3 series Sedan and other top models like Cadillac, Audi, Lexus and Land Rover.

Most of the utilized retail prices are $6000 to $25000 below the new price for 2012 or the new automobiles. The best means to drive a nice, model luxury car is to opt for a 2012 Lincoln MKZ midsize Sedan.


It may not be that awesome from the European brands but it is not expensive to buy and own. It is very spacious and comfortable. It has got a V6 engine and has some lovely features. It is priced at $18000 for a base model.

The 3 series is definitely the best 2012 model for the upscale bargains and followed by Audi A3 hatchback and A4 Sedan. The three old luxury crossovers can be found for less than $25K.


The luxury car can have 250 h gas or electric powered hybrids and Lexus CT 200h. You will find in the pre-owned market that there are some leases and there is some usual mileage on the odometer. Many of them come with a yearlong warranty.

You will find several of these offered as certified pre-owned automobiles through the used automobile departments of the new car dealers and they are sold with an extended warranty.


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