A Look at The Future of Luxury Cars: The New Mercedes-Maybach Concept

Mercedes Benz is a nice concept, luxury car . The new automobile is efficient aerodynamically. The vision 6 is a blend of emotional design and has nice brilliant information.

Mercedes has got an elongated design and a low roof. It has got a rear positioning of the cabin. The designers have provided it a 6 boat tail that appears something that you may view on the yacht’s backside with nice doors for entry on the sides.


The front seat passengers get some broad open view of their nearby things with driving date and some other details for a nice road trip. The dashboard moves into the door that has got door panels and seats for what Mercedes calls it a 360 lounge. It has some of the nice materials, like wooden floors, trim and other accents.

There is the six in all-wheel drive for the four electric motors that have the capacity of 550 kW of power and 783 horsepower. There is an extra 80 kWh battery in the floorboard that enables the car to move up to two hundred miles.

The set up allows the genuine sports car performance with statistics such as 0 to 100 km per hour and a top speed of 250 km/h. The power does not impact the range. The EV claims to have 500 km on a charge. That is nearly 310 miles for the ones who keep track at home. This automobile can be charged or plugged through a wireless induction system when the time arrives.

Vision 6 has got its debut at this week’s Monterey Car Week festivities at Pebble Beach and we need to wait and view in case the Mercedes plans to make this idea a genuine aspect sometime in the future.

The vehicle will be working on a new EV that has a range of 250 to 310 miles and there are some reports that it would have a debut of four EV models that will have active competition with Tesla.


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