Why You Should Visit Singapore. The Most Interesting Things You Need to Know About the Fabulous City-State

Singapore is one of the most visited cities in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most spectacular cities in Asia and a place where everything is multicultural. If you’re planning to visit Singapore, you should be prepared for the most beautiful night panoramas you ever seen and for entering in the World of Avatar.

The high modern buildings downtown stand as symbols of the economic success of Singapore. Chic and fancy, Singapore is a major global financial center. Here, the activity is constant, the race never seems to stop, but there is nothing anarchic in this way of living.

For the curious traveler, visiting Singapore does not stop only to shopping areas and long shopping sessions, a popular activity in the corner. No… Singapore is a multicultural city, that one discovers across different areas such as Geylang Serai (Malay), Chinatown or Little India.

The Singapore territory encompasses a group of islands: Sentosa for example is an island resort which can give you the wonderful experience of a welcoming excursion outside the city. As a business destination, Singapore includes many luxury modern hotels.

However, you don’t need to think that Singapore is a place that should be visited only by rich people. There are also cheap places such as hostels or pensions and a wide range of medium luxury hotels with a very satisfactory performance.

Overall, housing in Singapore is more expensive than in its Asian neighbors, but the prices are affordable and it’s not luxury here. One can also eat at the restaurant and party all night without spending a lot of money.

Another interesting place in Singapore is Chinatown, where you will find the best prices for various products. Many sellers are willing to offer discounts if you show a little bargaining power. Finally, it would be a shame to go to Chinatown without taking the time to visit the amazing temples you will find there.Visiting Singapore is also not complete if you don’t see the fabulous gardens By the Bay. With over 380,000 plants for 2000 different species that amazes with the fusion of nature and futuristic technology By the Bay is a place where you feel like you have entered in the Avatar World. Its large buildings formed of trees are illuminated in the evening, and you can even attend a real show of music and lights for ten minutes every day at 19:45 and 20:45. In addition, it is free.


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