A New Amazing Outdoor Design Concept: The Natural Swimming Pool

Can you imagine a natural swimming pool in your backyard? A small natural lake where you may see a lot of plants and a waterfall, where you can carelessly swim because there are natural stone filters? This new outdoor design concept dramatically change the way we see the perfect swimming pool.

The natural swimming pool is a totally different and ecological concept. If you set free your imagination, then it becomes a mystique and unique place, a remarkable personal spa where you can relax and read a book. Imitating the marvelous architecture of the nature, the natural pools are also trying to imitate the intelligence of the nature. Developing an ecosystem that will maintain the balance of water quality through the lagoon technique, this type of pool operates with natural and biological filtration system.

Filtering water without absolutely any chemicals, these basins are creating a living space for people, animals and plants. The flora and fauna give a new dimension to the garden. Moreover, natural pools bring an incomparable sensation of bathing in a clear and natural water. The maintenance of natural pools is also very simple. You don’t have to buy additional products or to adjust the pH control when you have to clean.



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