The Craziest Perks Seen in Luxury Real Estate Listings

It becomes clear that the persuasive billionaires spend millions in luxury real estate which is not simplest to sell. All the glass skyscrapers and the beautiful homes are now standing with empty units that are left to sell.

There has been a slow influx of foreign capital and there is great economic instability abroad. There are some stricter regulations on all cash real estate purchases and some of the best foreign investors have been introduced and they throw some of the cold water on the luxury real estate boom of latest years.

The demand for the multimillion dollar properties has reduced in the latest months. The developers are depending on the flashy extra in order to lure the purchasers. There are some great perks that we have witnessed in the recent times.

There has been a gradual inflow of foreign capital due to economic instability abroad. The strict regulations on cash and also the real estate purchasers have been introduced.

The condos in New York City are very expensive. The ten bedroom and the thirteen bathroom condo takes up the whole of the 45th floor of the building and has been on and off the market for many months.

The penthouse has listed for at least $85 million and the price tag has many extras that include two Rolls Royce phantoms and a $1 million yacht. Agent Daniel owns yacht and cards and will sign the ownership as the purchase is finished.

The luxury home developed on spec by Douglas Oren Alexander is actually priced at $36 million. The home was designed by the architect Chad who worked in Los Angeles.

The Bal Harbour home will come up with a fifty five foot VanDutch yacht and the purchaser has to purchase it. The main objective is to develop the finest lifestyle experience that is feasible.

The New York residents will have a wonderful five start restaurant. The restaurant has to be named and will have a complete floor of the 96 story building.


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