The Greatest Travel Destinations For Winter

Every place have a different moment in the year when it becomes more magnificent and it discovers its marvels. Here is a list of the most amazing travel destinations for winter.

Trakkai Castle, Lithuania


When there is mention of the Trakkai Castle in Lithuania, there are some other means to describe it. It is located 17 miles west of Vilnius. The castle changes in the winter months. This happens when the engulfing lake gets frozen. The Orange Turrets are all covered with beautiful snow.

Atlas Mountains, Morrocco


The fabulous Atlas mountains have got complete snow cover that is above 3000 M from the month of November to April. The number of visitors are more in the summer months. Mount Toubkal is the best in the winter season.

Queenstown, New Zealand


It is the finest place to visit all through the year. During the winter months, it appears very nice. The Coronet Peak range provides the best skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand. The town appears lively in the month of June and July just when the Queenstown festival occurs.

Yellowstone National Park, USA


It is home to the Bison in the Prehistoric era. This park has got Elks, Bears and Pronghorn Antelope.

Lapland, Finland


In the winter months, Lapland is surrounded by complete darkness. This may be a bad time of the year to visit there. In the summer time, it is the land that has got 24 hours of sun. The months of January, February and March have a tendency to be the finest times to view the Northern Lights.

Prague, Czech Republic

winter travel destinations

The finest Christmas markets are in Prague. You can roam here around the beautifull lit up wooden huts and choose the awesome Christmas gifts and decorations.

Harbin, China


When you plan a visit to Harbin, ensure that it is in January. The city hosts the biggest snow and ice sculpture festival in the entire world. The participants may travel from all over the world to show the beautiful ice designs.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


You have the choice of walking around the whole lake in just an hours time. It is quite difficult to resist the temptation of this beautiful place. You can discover the awesome Epic snowcapped mountains behind.

New York, USA

The blue sky is fascinating. When it is snow time, it snows really well. It is the finest setting for an Ice Rink on the planet. There are wonderful Manhattan skyscrapers nearby.

Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan


The Pamir Moutains in Tajikistan are awesome all through the year. They are epic in the winter season.


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