One Of The Most Amazing Luxury House Projects You Have Ever Seen

Case Brutale is located on Fagra Mountain on the outskirt of Beirut. It is situated at an altitude of 1,969 feet. The project began on 1,938 square foot residence, but has now expanded to about 2,906 square feet. Currently, the project covers an area of 2,906 square feet. It costs $2.5 million and can accommodate 6 people

The house has been designed with an underground parking, which can accommodate up to 3 cars. It has repetitive windows and is constructed using glass, concrete and steel. The project has fascinating and interesting features including a glazed pool that serve as its roof and which gives it a beautiful look that has become common in the modern home design.

The house is constructed to ensure that there is sufficient lighting in all the units. The Home Design gives it the privacy you may be looking for. The houses have two sides exposed to natural light. The elevators and stair cases are well designed and there is a sloped ramp that requires weatherproofing to protect it from the heavy snow associated with Fagra Mountain. These are some of the Home Design aspects that make the house to function normally.


Quality of soil- this is an important factor since it determines whether there will be a potential landslide or not.

The web can be relied on if you are looking forward to improving your home design. The web facilitates for discussions among architects and enables them exchange and borrowing ideas from other cultures.

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In the modern days, people seem to be developing great taste especially when it comes to houses. This is why home designers are doing everything they can to ensure that they give their clients the best. Here are some of the tips that can help you put your investment at the center.

Ensure that you put everything that you love on display. The utilitarian rooms such as the bathroom should have antiques that are well displayed.

If the height is not sufficient, you can fake the height by using low furniture. You can also create a strong vertical by avoiding anything horizontal. When the furniture is kept low, they make the rooms look taller.

luxury home design


Large sheets of mirrors look commercial. As such, they may not enhance the design of your home. Ensure that you install sectioned patterns to make them look elegant.

Even if you have mess kids, you should not postpone makeovers. Well-made sofas are worth investing in. They make your house look unique. Find out from your fabric designer what you can do to make the house sparkle.

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