The World’s Best Destination for Foodies? Spain!

Spain has achieved immense fame with respect to the luxury travel. The people of Spain are warm and welcoming and its climate and its landscape and history are diverse and rich. The visitors are coming to Spain as it has a great food scene and has the finest aspects of the Mediterranean basin and the influence of Italy, France and North Africa. Spain has got a great passion for food and has the finest local traditions.

The restaurant scene in Spain ranks among the best in the world. Spain has been an awesome place for the lovers of food. There are nice staples like tapas, paella, cheese and extra virgin olive oil in comparison to any other nation in the world.

Spain has the finest seafood and has warm and cold water coasts. It has sardines, shrimps, squids and octopus in it. You can have wine, rice and cheese in Spain. Its pork is sumptuous as the black pigs are known for the best pork.

There is one eatery in Spain and that is managed by the renowned chef Ferran Adria. Spain is certainly the best in luxury travel. There is the world’s finest eatery and that is the El Bulli with its famous chef Ferran Adria.

At least 4 of the country’s 9 three stars are located here. Arzak has a signature seafood dish on the tablet screen which has aquatic images.

Barcelona: Martin is Spain’s answer to Alain Ducasse or Joel Robuchon. He is the country’s only chef who has many 3-Michelin starred eateries. His cuisine is largely accessible at the restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona. The restaurant can seat 35 people and have wonderful tasting dinners.

Costa Brava: This is Spain’s finest eatery. It has a focus on the conventional Catalan dishes and ingredients like a lot of stews and thick soups, sweet and nice, savoury mixtures.

These include eggplant, tomatoes and mushrooms. The local calamari is frozen with nitrogen and is baked into breadstuffs and olives. They serve as the 14-course tasting menu and also has 60000 bottle cellar.

Costa del Sol: This region’s only three star is Quique Dacosta on Costa Blanca. It is halfway between Costa del Sol and Barcelona. The Relais and Chateaux member is the best in the world’s finest restaurants list.



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