Travel Destinations With a Great Weather in October

Most of the cities have got less heat. October brings a nice beauty to the northern hemisphere. If you don’t know what to choose for visiting on a holiday in October, here are some of the best travel destination for this period of the year.

The Turkish Coast


The beautiful coasts are hot in the month of October. The beaches are filled by holidaymakers. You can find awesome hotels and they are worth the value of your money. Istanbul can be hot in the summer season and it is very pleasant to explore out of season.

Rhodes, Greece


Rhodes is the well renowned island with its amazing capital Lindos. There are many parties in its ancient ruins. There are Symi, Patmos and Fourni. You may opt for any one of them as all of them are wonderful.

Rome, Italy


The best time to visit Rome is definitely in autumn. You may take a selfie at the beautiful Trevi fountain in the sunlight of October.

Mauritius, India Ocean


In October it is spring time in Mauritius and it is very pleasant out there. There are big Indian Ocean sized flowers that are in full bloom. In case a person provide you a rip to Mauritius at any time of the year, we want you not to turn it down. October is the ideal season to visit this place.



There are some awesome things to view here like the Roman city of Jerash, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea where you may stay at the night time at a Bedouin camp. There are some bright sunny days that may light up the Petra rock. It is nice enough to take a nice journey into the Moon Valley on camel by day.

Seville, Spain

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It is a very hot destination and the winds of change usually blow through old Seville. October is the finest time to go for fresh air. There is a great deal that happens here. You can find great cafes and galleries in Spain.


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