The Least-Visited Countries in The World

Some of the least visited nations do not even have any tourism offices or agencies that report these numbers. For creating a list of the least visited countries, we utilized news reports, numbers of the passengers from the airport and also spoken to the various tourist agencies.

The number of tourists will not be precise as different nations count them in a different way. Some count on the tourists that come by plane and the others track those who stay in the hotels. There are some of the people that want to be tourists and want to avoid bureaucracy that will be there when traveling on business.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 71000 tourists


It is the second longest nation in the entire world and many people do know about it. The nation with the longest name is doing fine with respect to tourism. The nations share a colonial history.

You will be quite startled to be aware that North Korea is not among the twenty five nations that has at least 270,000 international tourists in one year.

Dominica – 78,000 tourists


The number 78,000 can sound to be a great, but it means only two hundred visitors a day. Many people here would have to go to some transit problems in order to get there. The most probably, to arrive there, they will have a private jet at their disposal.

East Timor – 78,000 tourists


I bet you are not aware of which continent it is. East Timor is not linked to the rest of the world. You probably haven’t heard about any airlines that fly there.


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