The Most Popular Fashion Trends Noticed By Google

Google is the most famous search engine and using the data collected from users, the company can predict the trends in various domains. By taking a look on the most popular keywords, Google has a nice idea of what people want to purchase. Here are some of the important trends they notice in fashion:

Bomber Jackets


The fame of the army staple has risen by 2016. Google mentions that searches for this type of jackets have increased in comparison to last year. Infinite celebrities started choosing this jacket. The trend has been very huge among women and men in 90′ and it seems that is presently coming back.

Searches in the United Kingdom for the tops increased by 261 percent and on USA, they elevated to 347 percent.



One piece garments and jumpsuits have been increasing in fame for many years. Google mentions that this trend started in the United Kingdom in the year 2013. The American pumped it up in a huge way some years later.

A larger aspect of their appeal comes from simplicity of wearing. Rompers are nice at assisting you in order to avoid exhaustion without having to leave the comfort or style.



When Google exhibited it back to school report, then the Birkenstocks arrived at the top and they had been a great choice.


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