Top Five Sunny Travel Destinations

Is there ever a time when we require a holiday more than August? You may book a trip somewhere else. It can be a life altering and a long haul. The weather is dry and perfect. It is usually sunny and warm in the southern hemisphere and the tropical region.


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This South American nation has it all. It has got tropical rainforests and lovely beaches that are covered with palms and also cloud capped volcanoes. It has the finest temperatures and least rainfall on the Pacific coast.

The Brazilian coast

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It is worth spending your leave here. You may spend your New Year in Rio De Janeiro and they stay for some weeks and visit the coast and enjoy the bikini beach havens. There are several miles of golden sand with amazing palm trees and lovely waters. You will find wonderful people drinking caiprinhas at the nice beach parties. Trancoso is the finest.


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August is the finest month to visit this place. This place has got nice temples and pagodas in the beautiful and misty mountains.

Gold Coast of Australia

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Sydney gives the best New Year Day parties in the whole world. You may visit the Gold Coast to Byron Bay or the Great Barrier Reef along the east coast. The nice times keep rolling on. There are many beaches, private islands, drink and food. You may begin your year just like this and enjoy to the fullest extent.


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It rains a great deal in Belize. It has many hurricanes and tropical storms. It is the best Caribbean destination for the ones who want the palm covered trees with nice and tropical highlands.


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