The Latest Trends Report: Luxury Sneakers and Parisian Chic

On the Paris Fashion Week catwalk, stilettos have been substituted by sneakers as fashion continues to be in favor of the flats. When the matter is regarding luxury shoes no one likes it more than the French people. People from around the world have been coming to the fashion capital of the world to discover the finest pair of shoes. In the most recent times Parisian footwear has become popular. There are some nice luxury sneakers that can replace the pumps, boots and brogues on the racks of some of the best department stores and also nice boutiques.

It starts a new story for the designer footwear. The ability to move around the cobbled streets of the city has been the major needs of having the Parisian chic. The elevation of the flat sole implies that this specific life skill may no longer be a great aspect for the ones searching for the best of the French style.

luxury sneakers shoes

In latest years the high fashion world has witnessed a rise in streetwear collections. The global financial issues of the year 2008 has seen a change in the fashion arena. Luxury is considered a vital aspect in manufacturing and materials. It took a leap behind in the favor of design. It was not fashionable to appear costly and the designer turned to streetwear. This shift has been very much there in the footwear arena.

A product that was taken to be suitable for a trip or a morning jog has become a major need for the fashion. Sneakers are the best wardrobe staple for the most stylish citizens of Paris.

The Latest Trends Report: Luxury Sneakers and Parisian Chic

There has been a massive interest in luxury sneakers and some of the styles have got a cult like status for the fashion fans and also the sneaker lovers. Designer collaborations with premium sportswear brands have witnessed big queues that expand all over the block and there is fast selling of the stocks in just a few hours. Tisci who is famous for his own unique style and obsession of sneakers collaborated with Nike to make a version of the best Nike Air Force One. Fans waited all the night in London and New York to have a hand in a pair. Dior director Raf Simons tied up with Adidas rose to fame. His association with the great sports brand resulted in the best and difficult to find sneakers in the recent times.

Many persons consider the increase in casual luxury as a blow to the dress code and some others have witnessed it as the beginning of a new era for modern formal dressing. Salmon is the most famous Parisian store Colette, and is the finest of the places in the city to get the luxury sneakers. We actually sell several of them from Dior Homme and also Lanvin to Givenchy and Chanel.

Colette’s nice approach has paid off and it has witnessed a big elevation in the amount of visitors who visit the store to get a pair of nice designer sneakers. Salmon has a belief that this may be due to some present trends and comfort.

luxury sneakers shoes

The ability to put on the sneakers is the best aspect about the new trend. Sneakers used to be witnessed as the largest event of the year. The Oscar attendee Pharrell wore a pair of beautiful red sequinned Adidas along with this tuxedo.


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