Magnificent Travel Destinations: A Bird’s-eye View Over Victoria Falls

In between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia there is a big gash in the surface of the Earth that sends water flowing and the mist high into the air. The local people name it “Mosi-oa-Tunya” that means “the smoke that thunders”. It is called Victoria Falls.

The local name seems to adjust as the falls move up at least 800,000 gallons of water each second from the Zambezi River. The water lands with such a great force from the three hundred and sixty foot and it splashes into a mist that is just like smoke from a fire some miles away.

When we came to the helipad, the pilot had made the vessel ready. We were then ready to move on. Victoria Falls is in a secured national park and we flew onto our way. We moved to the top above the lush green treetops of the forests. The trees came to our sight at the first gaze. Zambezi is a broad trait of water that that has a white mist at the falls.

When we moved near to the big curtain of water, we saw the beautiful gorges where the water flowed for many years before but now they are totally empty. Water has been present here for many years. The falls have not been in the similar place. The water has actually carved out the gorges into the landscape and moves the water wall upriver.

The pilot moves the small helicopter to the major event of the flight and a straight edge that is more than five thousand feet long that pours into the earth. That is why I had visited the Victoria Falls and it proved to be a wonderful experience in this fantastic travel destination.


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