The Smart Toothbrush: A New Gadget That Will Change The Way Treat Our Teeth

There are smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches and smart fridges. Why wouldn’t be a smart toothbrush? Why is so special? Because when you utilize this smart toothbrush, your mouth is close to something when you leave the dentist.

Brushing the teeth is now faster and easier. It may also improve your dental care easier than in the past. The smart toothbrush has got a unique technology and has a big price that is $200. There are some usual electric brushes that cost more.

There are some fundamental details that you have to be aware of:

  • The Platinum connected is nicely built. It is big and not that heavy. Its buttons are simple to press. There are two replacement brush heads in the box. One is long and good for usage. Both of them are soft and flexible.
  • The included battery will last for about two weeks prior to its recharge. I got some more brushing two times a day and that was fine.
  • The brush consisted of three levels of intensity. The second one is a nice ground for many and is also healthy. The third is placing a jackhammer in the mouth.
  • It gets paired with Bluetooth 4.0 fast.
  • It arrives with a strong travel case.
  • You may have the model that is with the Ultra violet sanitizer that kills the bacteria on the heads of the brush.
  • Phillips sells this thing and it comes in some ways. There are some distinct brushing modes. White is for removal of the stains. Deep clean does some work on your gums.
  • You have to utilize it with the companion of the brush’s app that is android/iOS. This coaches you to some nice brushing habits. When you have the brush turned on and paired, the app has got a digital mouth and has got a timer in the middle.

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