Apps And Gadgets That Are Making The Online Banking Easier

Do you indulge in online banking? If yes, you are among the sixty percent of the adults in United Kingdom. When there was an introduction of internet banking in the year 1997, it was liked as a technological revolution. It is a revolution that continues to evolve.

There has been an increasing prevalent of tablets, apps, smartphones and banking is becoming global. It brings immense convenience to the current bank customers and also financial services to several people across the globe.

Internet banking has enabled us to bank wherever we wish to with the help of gadgets. Mobile is a huge shift and you can literally walk around with a bank in your pocket!

The mobile app of your bank

This is your first port of call for mobile banking. You may download the app to your tablet and phone and then follow the instructions. You can log in with your passcode. You may check your balances, make payments and move the money between accounts.

Some people let you find out the cash machines and the nearby branches. There is also a digital banking service made for the people who want to take control of their money. You can get a current or a savings account. It is a very handy easy to use app for mobile and tablet. This app is full of smart features to provide you a nice view of how you invest and save.

Card readers and security keys

Security is of utmost significance in online banking. There are some banks that issue a secure key which is a small calculator that produces the passwords when you wish to log on. They are very small enough to carry along with you so you may utilize a digital secure key that is embedded within an app. Some of the other banks supply card readers where you may put your debit card to give authorization to some of the payments. The banks take the aspect of security in a very serious manner.


Mobile banking has made the way to make the payments simpler and there are apps that provide the individual to individual mobile payments. There is no more swapping of the account numbers and sort codes on texts or some useless bits of paper.

In order to register for services like Pingit, you may make payments to people in a secure way with their mobile number. There is also an app Payfriendz that does the similar thing. There is a built-in chat to make your payments to other people in your group in a very personal way.

There is also the contactless technology in which you can touch your debit card on a reader in order to make some purchases. This system has been there since the year 2007. There is the app Apple Pay that utilizes a chip in your iPhone that is associated to a payment card to purchase the products.

You can place your iPhone on a contactless reader to wake it up. Then you may place your finger on Touch ID and your phone will beep to make the payment confirmation.


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