The Newest Travel Gadget Presented at This Year’s Luxury Technology Show

It is known as the luxury technology show that is an event designed to show the most recent innovations from the best cutting edge technology brands from all over the world.

It is a small scale item showcase than the CES in Las Vegas. There were no $10000 Apple watches and no Sony nor any 3D printers that are there on the show floor. There were many innovative products that promise to revolutionize the tech market. One of those is called LugTrack and it is designed to keep track of your luggage when you travel.

It has a module placed in your luggage that collects and a stores detail about where your bag is located at any specified time and when it can be opened. It sends the information.


It sends the information through the SMS messages to your smartphone or any other gadget. The firm is working on modules that may send you photos of any person who may open your luggage. Hotel staff, airline workers and shippers make use of the tabs on your clothing, golf clubs or skis.

The LugTrack system will be accessible in many luxury luggage brands. Final pricing may be to each luggage maker. Lug Track has approximately$50 to $100 for the price of every bag. The old fashioned hand held computer controlled unit has an OLED screen and a chamber in order to vaporize the oils, herbs and tobacco. It has a rechargeable battery that may last for up to three hours. The recommended herbs include St. John’s Wort cloves, ginger, sage and ginseng. It provides a line of Aromatherapy and important oil mixtures for utilization in the gadget. You may forget all the aspects about bathroom scales.


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