A Futuristic Rolls-Royce Concept: Everything You Have Ever Wanted From a Car

Rolls Royce has exhibited a great concept call known as the Rolls Royce 103 EX, a Rolls Royce concept car. This nice automobile glides through the wind. It appears just similar to a spaceship with a great Rolls Royce. An awesome couple goes inside the car as it opens in an automatic way as they enter.

The Rolls Royce 103 EX is the best automobile that rolls on the ever designed. It allows travel and glides in a silent manner through the busy city. It is the great future in the making. The best exclusive cars were driven by the chauffeurs. Rolls Royce has at last got a new valet. The system is called Eleanor and is a mere concept. She provides a peep into the world’s most refined name in the automobile industry and views the richest moving around in the time to come.

The technology is very much there in the 103X Vision 100 concept car and it was inaugurated in London. Eleanor is the great personality behind the luxury cars just similar to the other Rolls Royce models and will be customized to the exact specifications of the owner. The firm is owned by BMW and is based in England. It has the expertise in ensuring that the owners who have exceptional touches that cannot be found in other sedans.

Rolls had a glass canopy roof that opens with the door to a nice, luxurious interior. We have done the configuration of the automobile as a backseat only. It can be the driving wheel and space for your best driver also.

Rolls Royce mentions the name behind the artificial intelligence system that got inspiration from the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament on the Rolls Royce front.

Eleanor will be associated to the owner of the car’s life that is beyond the Rolls Royce vision 100. Eleanor is a concept just similar to the 103EX. The means by which the technology is enhancing, there will be a time when nobody is asked to get the Rolls Royce ready for a great drive.


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