Fashion: How To Dress Rich, But Not Kitsch

If you want to be always dressed like a star, here are some suggestions you may take in consideration.

The Appearance

The classic products you may wear are: dirndl skirt and Chanel slingback shoe, French beret and some string of pearls. The time has come to place your elastic high heels and T-shirts to pasture. One does not have to carried away with some investment purchases.


Some of the monochromatic outfits with variation in tone will appear sophisticated in neutral tones such as black, beige and white.

Silk is the finest appearing fabric in the world. Silks are quite nice and feminine without making them suitable for some business situations where you need to have great aura of success.

In case you cannot afford the finest leathers and forget them completely. Buttons have to be functional. They have to be stitched via the external layer of the fabric and not via the lining.


There are no decorative buttons allowed. Some of the nice and decorative buttons can downgrade a garment. They have to stitched via the outer layer of fabric.


A nasty hem is a certain sign of an affordable garment. The hemline stitches are not visible from the garment externally. In case the material is fragile, there is no hem. The edge has to be nicely finished by rolling the hand.


Your bag does not require its own seat.

Any portion of the outfit you wear has to be of top notch quality. It may be costly and have a great taste.


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