Men’s Fashion: The Most Stylish Video Game Characters

The gaming and fashion arena have not played co-op. Several developers have side lined the Paris runaways of Paris to be the world of elite pomp. There is no denial of the fact that the front row has removed from the Lynx Africa scented bedrooms of teenage Halo fans.

The two of them are not opposed as you would imagine. Louis Vuitton tapped not Cara or Kate to be their cover girl. Prada met the complete cast of the game in a four page fashion spread. There are some of the game makers themselves. There may not be contented with the normal clobber on our consoles. They take some huge steps to kit their characters in the best digital threads that are there.

Squall Leonhart

stylish video game characters

It is filled with mystery and may bring down a boss twice his size. Squall Leonhart is the best ideal. There are his romantic inner turmoil and that is his style. The white fur collar may appear to be out of place in a Canada Goose store. It has a black leather construction and many Gosha worthy chains.

Nathan Drake


Drake from Uncharted had the adventurer moves its way prior to Brunello Cucinelli. The grandad collar shirt is awesome. An important aspect is his nice tonal dressing. There is also the Bremont esque watch and a sharp print clash from the Shemagh scarf.

The Turks – Final Fantasy VII


Who mentioned that the boardroom garb appeared dull? The Turks who were the suited bodyguards of Final Fantasy VII’ villainous super corporation Shin-ra, just broke the mould with a 80s power suit. The sci-fi dictatorships do not appear slicker.

Agent 47 Hitman


The Hitman developers went way from Kevlar vests and chose Italian style into the crosshairs. The targets are hit and suites the black suit and crisp white dress shirt and a blood red tie.


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