The Most Luxurious And Expensive Yachts In The World. Why Are They So Special

Some people have an argument regarding which car to purchase and billionaires think about the most costly yachts to own. The richest people in the world have been competing against each other trying to sell themselves. In case it is about purchasing the largest houses and most costly jewellery, quickest cards or the most costly yachts.

There is something regarding owning a yacht that is very refined and associated to freedom that is not costly to purchase. It is more than that. You can get on board and move away from the stress of the city. You will be engulfed by some you wish to share the time.

To own a yacht is the closest aspect to own an island and there are some benefits because of the mobility aspect. To purchase a regular yacht is not a preference. They need to make it personal. They come up with the most costly and luxurious yachts in the world. We ranked fifteen of them and here is the list for you.

Seven Seas – $200 million



We start the things with a yacht to the world’s finest movie directors, Steven Spielberg. He is the only one of the two movie directors who have joined the Billionaires Club with his $3.7 billion net worth.

He owns the most costly yachts in the world which is called the Seven Seas. The slogan of the company is Yachts for Visionary Owners. Spielberg is a great visionary and you can view this from his Seven Seas. The two hundred and eighty foot motor yacht is his individual suite. He made six guest rooms for 12 of his elite guests. They can get to a flying a helicopter and land it on the yacht’s helipad.

It is not the yacht of a movie director without a movie theatre in it. He made one inside along with some awesome luxury features at a cost of $200 million.

Octopus – $200 million


Paul Allen is the richest men who founded the highly successful companies and purchased one of the richest NBA teams. His life is luxurious as he has got a luxurious yacht, the Octopus. It is a 414 foot mega yacht that has got its own submarines. Allen had taken the services of a German shipbuilding company called Lurssen to make this beauty. It cost him approximately $200 million in the year 2000. There is nothing compared to this $19 billion of estimated net worth.

There are 41 suites available in Octopus. In order to entertain the guests, it is equipped with cinema, basketball court and a recording studio. Some of its nice features are the glass bottom swimming pool where you can view the ocean below and swim in a clean and a safe water. Allen does not make use of Octopus for his private parties. He lends it for rescue missions and scientific research purposes.

Lady Moura – $210 million



Nasser Al-Rashid is the only Saudi royal family advisor. When you look at his splendid Lady Moura cruising the sea, it gives you the idea of how rich he is. His present net worth is approximately $8 billion. To work for the royal family is not Al-Rashid only source of money. He is the founder of Rashid engineering. He purchases this 344 foot yacht in the year 1990 for a total of $210 million. It was built by Blohm-Voss shipyard. You can get to know about this luxurious yacht from the 24 K gold inscribed Lady Moura name on its port and starboard.


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