New Amazing Apps Released For Apple Smart Watches

Apple this month exhibited an instant and a smart Apple watch and sped up the first generation smartwatch with a quicker chip. The speed enhanced with the assistance of the watch apps to operate in a smooth manner. There are many nice software accessible to take the best watches for a test drive.

One great Apple watch app that is instantly enthralling for its ease is the Glimpse. The new free app substitutes your normal time display with a photo drawn from online sources. You may elevate your wrist to check the time. Glimpse drops a varied photo onto the display. It is similar to a constant news feed and also the social media updates in small forms. Glimpse can be linked to some content sources such as CNN and the Time magazine.

There is an alternative to associate your Pinterest and Twitter accounts. Glimpse takes the images from these source and updates them all through the day. You can view the time and other information such as the weather and your exercise status by making use of Apple built in some complications.


Things provides interactive lists that assist in managing your everyday life and that may include some work tasks with a set deadline, individual objectives and shopping lists. The major interface of things is on your iPhone where you can develop a suite of to do lists and add a headline notes and title. You may view the lists on your watch and mark the items as add and read items by voice.

The voice recognition attribute functions nicely in the noisy environments also similar to a busy aisle in a supermarket. You have to get over the embarrassment of speaking to your watch. Things is $14.99 in iTunes.


Babel which is the language learning app is on Apple Watch too and utilizes a nice trick to make you familiar with some phrases and words. This app finds out where you are located and exhibits some logical phrases and words in the form of a quiz on the watch screen. You will not be fluent by making use of this watch app but its short context based language can assist words to get embedded in your memory. Babel is free of cost.

View Ranger

It has got a built-in global positioning system which is the signature new feature on the Apple Watch Series 2. It is one of the first apps to take benefit of the sensor. This is a famous hiking and biking app that does a fine job of routing you across the side of the nation and keeping track of your trekking progress. It exhibits some statistics and navigational details and gives you a buzz when you want to make a turn.

View Ranger will function with the new Apple Watch’s GPS system for more accurate location. When you preset your route prior to entering the wild forest, this app will function without your phone requiring the signal of a mobile.


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