Hi-Tech: The Best Features in iOS 10

There is a great deal of absolutely new stuff in iOS 10, when it is about the messages app. We have used hands-on with iOS 10 but we have found out that it is a nice time to exhibit some of the finest aspects.

New Lock screen


The lock screen on iOS 10 is getting a fantastic hi-tech appearance. Your screen will brighten up when you elevate it to your face. There is no pressing of the side button in order to view it.

The notifications begin showing up on the screen in a very simple to view fashion. You may swipe it to your widgets. You can have a simple access to the camera.

3D Touch on Control Center shortcuts

hi-tech ios

Control Center is a simple means to gain your camera, flashlight, calculator and the timer. There are 3D Touch functions on those products also. In case you possess an iPhone 6S, you need to hard press on the icons in order to procure more of the information about what you want to access.

You may choose the brightness on the flashlight. You can fast set the timer for just an hour and twenty minutes. You may copy the last outcome with the calculator. A 3D Touch gesture on the camera icons opens up some alternatives as the app icon.

New notifications appearance and rich notifications

hi-tech features hi-tech ios features

The notifications has a complete new appearance in iOS 10. The bubbles are very big and are distinct. You could with ease reply to a text or a message from a notification if it came instantly. A long press on a notification will fast bring up the quick reply window. You can easily reply without having to open the messages app.

In case you want to totally make the notifications cleared up, you need to make the 3D Touch the X on the right hand side of the notification center and then press clear all notifications.

There are many things in the messages app. One large addition is the truth that there are iMessage apps. The nice aspect is the sticker packs.

When you need to send an image or a message with a vanishing impact, you can add on that. You can press on the send arrow in the messages to choose many varied screens and also the background effects.


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