The Best Luxury Gadgets We Have Seen This Year

You have to dream about what you can do if you had a lot of money. The various luxury gadgets may be on the shopping list of yours. An apple watch is good enough but how about the one that is made by making use of the 18k gold and embedded with diamonds.

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There is one with a sapphire crystal retina display. It will do all the things that your Apple smart watch does. It does it more than some touch of glamour. Its price is 150,000 pounds.

Samsung family hub smart fridge at 4.499 Pounds

 luxury gadgets

You have to check in the fridge prior to hitting the supermarket. In case you have spent in this chiller, then it may not be you. It has got a big touch screen on its front and that reminds you when the food will be going off.

You may utilize the tablet just similar to a pin board to place important dates in your diary and follow the recipes on it. You may do some online shop on it. That is one great fridge.

Sony Bravia Smart Ultra HD LED TV at 10,199 pounds

 luxury gadgets


This LED has got a fantastic crystal clear display and bright colours. It has got wonderful Google Android capabilities.

Henes Broon

 luxury gadgets

It is a great four wheel drive that comes with a leather buckle seat and nice shock absorbers. It has a dashboard that has a 7 inch tablet. It has got brake LED lights and indicator also.

It consists of a Hollywood style kitchen where your chef provides you breakfast.

Built-in Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

 Built-in Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

There is a nice coffee maker that will provide you a nice cup of coffee. The nice design will make it a great talking point when people move around to view how the other half live.



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