Luxury Lifestyle: The 2016 Polo Classic with Celebrities

Polo was brought to the United States by James Gordon Bennet, a publisher of the New York Herald. He saw this game being played in England while on a trip and loved it. He bought a mallet, rule book and a ball and carried them to America on his return.

Before the World War II, polo games used to be played on the Governors Island. Initially, it was played on the New York harbor and the public was allowed to watch the game free of charge. Families would go into the ground on Sunday and cheer their favorite teams play the baseball game.

In New York, polo has been held for nine years. Celebrities have made it get even busier and attractive every passing year. In 2009 Pollo games attracted more than 18,000 people. This is believed to be the highest number of people to have visited the Governors Island at any one given time. Among the celebrities that played the game include Prince Harry. In 2013 the event was moved to Liberty State Park where all the tickets were sold within the first 4 hours. In the event that was organized in 2014, it took only 4 minutes for the tickets to be sold. This is why more additional tickets were released to the public. In 2016,

The general admission tickets which are purchased by the majority of people are sold at $75. The cost includes charges for a round trip ferryride which sets the mood for the games. Women wear trendy dresses and move along with hats and edges. Men will always wear fedoras and suits even when the weather is hot. Once they get to the ground they take to the ground where gulping of champagne takes place. When they become restless, they walk around on tracks and start playing with checker boards and Jenga sets.

Rose Garden is known for a number of activities including taking booze. At the VIP area, you have an opportunity to watch polo from the plush couches. There are yellow umbrellas that provide the shade. In addition, you get a chance to keep yourself happy by consuming liquor as you enjoy a buffet of salads. In addition, you will have a chance of consuming sandwiches and salmon.

At the Rose Garden, you will get an opportunity to mingle with celebs such as Elizabeth Olsen Coco Rocha, Bobby Byrne and many others. The previous event was graced by Nicky Hilton and Tyson Beckford. Beckford wore a custom made pastel purple suit. The celebs had come to join the rest of the crew in dancing and cheering the polo teams. This years’ event was also graced by DJ Hannah Bronfman, Nacho Figueras and Ralph Lauren among others.

The 2016 Polo Classic presented one of the rear opportunities where for celebrities to honor the divot stomping tradition. The crowd is invited during the half time to join the rest of the crew to the field and participate in the stomping of the ground. In fact this has resulted into a tradition where spectators get an opportunity to walk around, have fun and socialize.


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