Exotic Travel Destinations: Ecuador’s Less-Traveled Backcountry

It’s at the high altitude of a Cessna, down the deepest canyon you have aver seen. There is waist tall thorny brush, gnarled polylepis shrubs and wildflowers that will engulfe youa high altitude wetland ecosystem known as a paramo. It is only there in Ecuador and also in Bolivia.

Every step need some exertion as my body had not adapted to hiking at the height of 13123 feet.

Ecuador is the best destination in South America. Many of the luxury travelers still visit the Galapagos islands and there are many of the great opportunities there to enjoy hiking, rafting, horseback riding and mountain biking.

The main currency of Ecuador is the American dollar and the electrical outlets are North American. There are also many highways that are nicely maintained with some new off road challenges in rural regions. The nation is more than half the size of California. It has got the most diverse ecosystem in Latin America.

You may drive from one fully varied landscape to the next for different outdoor adventures. Quito is the highest capital of the world and is at 9350 feet. You will find the blend between high elevation and also the rays of the sun beaming down in a vertical manner.

exotic travel destinations

exotic travel destinations

There is the wonderful Casa de Hacienda La Jimenita which is a farmstead inn and restaurant that is near the airport. The owner Diego Cruz exhibited his tray of 10000 to 30000 year old artifacts. The hummingbirds buzzed at feeders engulfing the main house.

He pointed out at the less visible attachment points of a many thousand year old bridge on a river canyon. There was a tunnel that had been utilized for many centuries prior to the Peruvian Inca warriors who invaded Ecuador. It was still in great utility in the 19th century.

You may also spend mornings by visiting a rose farm and there is also the high altitude hike through the paramo, hot springs pools that bubbled up in the cottage styles suites at Termas de Papallacta Spa, sipping pisco sours and thrilling the guests with tall tales of adventures.


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