Four Fun Facts About Traveling to Rome

You will never go thirsty in Rome

Rome has got natural spring water that flows through the pipes that are below the city. There are several drinking fountains with cool, fresh and natural spring water that is spread all over the city. You may bring along with you a water bottle and save your money for the gelatos.

You really need to take a phrasebook

In order to find yourself in Rome, not being aware of some shed of Italian, you need to get yourself a phrasebook. You need to get yourself familiarized with the phrasebook. There are some words that will assist you to get through your day.

Italians can be animated when talking to each other

If you are walking down the street and you witness two of the locals at the roadside, they may start shouting and waving their hands at each other. It appears to you that they can end up in a fight. You should not be tense and they will definitely not. This is usually very common. The Italians have a tendency to get animated when they have a conversation.

This is the best situation where the term when in Rome, do as the Romans do, is not applicable.

Quattro: Pay more to sit and sip

The price for a coffee doubles in case you want to sit at a table. A coffee cup is not that costly. It is usually around one or two Euros for a cup. In order to find yourself paying three to four Euros for your cup of coffee, it implies that you are being charged for getting to the table. It is totally up to you. In case you wish to pay less to stand and sip or pay some more to sit and sip.


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