Five Uselful Apps For Those Who Travel A Lot

There are some of the finest travel apps that may prove to be useful if you love traveling.


Citymapper provides a detailed journey planner information in comparison to Google and that may include real-time disruption alerts and departures. It consists of Uber integration and cycle routes. It is accessible around thirty cities all over the world. All the city-break destinations are covered in this app. This app may also tell you regarding your journey duration. You will get cheered up in case your train gets cancelled.


There are more than seventy million people who have registered with Duolingo which is a nicely designed and a free language learning app. It is not a substitute for language tuition and this app is a wonderful means to get the basics or to let yourself be fresh on vocabulary and grammar.

You require a computer game and some app to guide you through various levels that you require to finish prior to advancing. You can get immense experience points all along the way.

XE Currency

XE is the go to site for doing currency conversions on the internet. It is no surprise that this app is so famous and has more than twenty million downloads since its start. It possesses several business oriented features like rates for valuable metals and awesome historic currency charts.

It proves to be helpful for the traveller due to the fact that it may do the conversion of every world currency. One fine aspect about it is that it may work offline by saving the last updated rates. This aspect would be nice in case you have limited connectivity or if you try to save some data.


Tripit is just like a pocket travel agent and gets the travel details from your confirmation emails for hotels, flights, rental cars, event bookings and helps in conversion to a single itinerary. You may forward your email to the app and it will do the rest. In case you travel with the others you can share your plans with ease. You can make this app highly useful for actively coordinating with a group trip.


There is a great choice of apps available there to assist you in splitting bills. Splittr is all ready for travelling and providing you an easy platform to share the expenses between friends. You may enter the costs as you go and that may include who paid what and the app will take care of the rest of the aspects. A good touch for several destination trips is that all the currencies are supported and you may blend the currencies without having the need to do the conversion on your own.



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