The Best Travel Apps For Business Trips

You would want to have all the practical information handy prior to landing in a new nation. You did not get an opportunity to view all the places that can be seen. The travel apps will be your best friend. Do you want to visit a restaurant as one of your friends tweeted the image of the perfect dish that you crave for?

There may be a specific running route you would want to cover in the next few days after you get to your destination. There are these high technology apps wherever you require them. You can check this list of travel app that you can expect for all your local requirements.

Travel List

In case you require some assistance to pack in a proper manner and not forget your toothbrush or charger at home, the Travel List app can assist you in organizing the items that you place in your suitcase. You may add a reminder for the things you need to pack at the last minute and you are set to leave. This app will assist you to plan each stop of the trip and would not let you miss on anything. You may add some events to your calendar or set one time alerts.

Flight Track Pro

There are more than three thousand airports and 1400 airlines and this app will have you completely covered. You can manage your international flights that have the real time updates by making use of zoomable maps.

Various updates on the flight cancellations and delays are at your fingertips now. It may include Tripit, terminal maps and weather delays.

Trip It

Trip It is your mobile planner that consists of all your trip information like car, map, directions, hotels all in a systematic way. You can easily sync your travel plans with your mobile calendar and share post travel plans on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Kayak facilitates a quick comparison of many travel sites on your smartphone or tablet. The features include comparing flight, car rentals and hotel deals. Besides this it also books your accommodation, tracking the flight status and accessing the airline numbers and information about the airport.


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