Three Mistakes You’re Making At The Airport

It is quite cumbersome to get past the airport sometimes. However, there are some airport errors that one may make and there are some professional tips on getting to the airport and onto the plane.

Not to download the airline or airport app

When you utilize your carrier app, it would be pivotal for you. Many carriers have some apps that you may download on your smartphone that will alert you in case your flight gets cancelled or delayed in case you leave for the airport.

The information on the app can be up to date than the arrival-departure screen that are there in the terminal. Many airports have got some apps that assist the travelers navigate the terminals with maps, list of services etc.

One very useful app is GateGuru and it covers more than two hundred airports. It enables the users to rate the restaurants and shops. It offers some suggestions.

Not checking online

I was surprised in the recent times at the line that was there to the ticket counter in order to check in. You have some type of issue that cannot be resolved. There is no reason for not checking online.

You may have the ticket that is sent to your phone through an email link. In case you do not have any luggage to check, you may skip the counter and move straight to the security line. There are some airlines that make you opt for a seat when you check in if in case you are flying on these. You would want to check in and opt for your seat fast within the check in time.

Not possessing the TSA Precheck

You would always want to apply for the TSA precheck when you fly more than some times in a year. It is quite rare that the precheck lines are actually the regular lines. You need not remove your shoes, liquids and laptop. The lines are fast and you will not leave behind anything in the bin when you want to get the things back. You have to fill out the application and pay 85 USD fee. You may then have to schedule an appointment at 380 enrollment centers. That may be a lot of work and it is nice for five years and its worth its price in the saved time.


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