The New Self-Driving Tesla and Its New Features

The good news is that from now all the Tesla automobiles will consist of a feature hardware to allow the self-driving capability. It does not have the self-driving any more than autopilot in an aircraft for self-flying purposes. There has been an elaborate upgradation of the sensor, camera and computing suites that enable two aspects of the system. Tesla refers to the Hardware 2. The company is looking for a reverse Cannonball in a way to substantiate the effectiveness of the new system.

The lower tier system will allow the car to move through the freeways without the input from the driver. Musk is known to be the improved Autopilot. The complete boat system can navigate the urban environment. Hardware 2 has got at least 4 to 8 cameras and also a sonar system that makes the range double. The 8 camera system has got three cameras that are forward facing and are in front of the rearview mirror. They are placed in the B-pillars and also the two side rear units.

A great deal of information is processed through a computer that has the ability of making 12 trillion operations each second. It is known to be a supercomputer in a car. In the beginning the cars would not be that great as Hardware 1 automobiles. The Teslas that come with Hardware 2 will be functioning in the learning mode. According to Tesla, an update will be there in December or January. It will reveal the aspect of the new electronic suite. It will provide features of the Autopilot luxury cars.

There will be update that will come out two or three months after that. The basic objective is to get the complete level 5 autonomy. A Tesla can easily drive from Los Angeles to New York and then make itself parked in a garage. It will be achieved without any requirement of a single touch and that includes charging. The firm has further plans to bring about the inductive supercharging between Los Angeles and New York in the coming months.

The present target of Tesla is to be two times safe as the average driver. Its basic objective is to have a multiple increase in safety. Tesla believes it may upgrade your system with time also.


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