15 Of The Craziest Luxury Car Features Ever

It was when Bentley exhibited a mechanical clock for the dashboard for its awesome 2017 Bentayga SUV at an affordable price of approximately $170,000, it came to our attention. There are many coslty alternatives and they are on the limited edition sports cars in the range of $1 million. It would be a fantastic idea to be certain and it is a gadget that reveals time in a precise manner in comparison to a smartphone. It is actually in an automobile whose price is $232,000 and it doubles the sticker.

We have made a list of some of the alternatives from the makers offerings. Those who exhibit some normal order forms and also the online configurators.

The rich people spend a great deal by having some cars made to order. Many of the luxury makers gather the idea about giving treatment to a $440,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe as a canvas for paint color that is suitable for the eyes of a dog. We do not have to move there to make this list of the best outrageous indulgences.

2017 Bentley Bentayga Breitling Clock

It was not that costly at $232,000. It was a first edition model that was priced at $297,400 and had too many upgrades. This included the purchaser’s choice of the Breitling watches that had value between $10000 and $21000.

The special edition sold out its six hundred and eight unit fast. Bentley showed the Mulliner Tourbillion by Breitling clock. That alternative may be installed in the dashboard. There will be only four provided each year.

The body of the clock is made from solid gold billet that may have rose or white color. The face may be in ebony or white pearl.

There are eight diamonds that show hours like 12,3 and 9 o’clock. The 6th position is on the window that exhibits the toubillion and it is a complicated gadget that has the Swiss movements of the luxury watches.


The machinery has to be wound on it. Bentley made a type of electric mechanism to do that specific task.

In the Gold’s Spirit

The Spirit of Ecstasy may be plated in 24 hour karat gold for just $10075. There are many cultures and places where this is absolutely important.

More spirit for the spirit

Rolls Royce provides ultimate customization alternatives for the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot and that includes LED illuminated version that is made from polycarbonate for $7850 and one that is less for $4025.

Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner


It is just similar to the sky in the night and there is not a moonroof to open. Rolls Royce will provide its workers the 1340 fiber optic nodes in small holes that are through the leather headliner . The huge Phantom only receives 1600 points of light. The price may actually be different for the Starlight feature.

Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom Starlight Headliner

It is the celestial phantom that has been made to celebrate the first generation Phantom to its owner.

The headline exhibits the arrangement of the stars. This car gets at least 446 diamonds inside its door trim.

Lambhorghini warranty extensions

Lambhorgini Aventador arrives with a three year warranty on the purchase of $400,995. You may be able to handle at least $11600. You may purchase a compact hatchback as a transportation plan.

Lambhorgini warranty extensions

These are not the third party extended warranty deals and these may be some optional extensions provided on the warranty of the factory.

Airscarf for Mercedes Convertibles


Mercedes Benz showed its new SL sports car in the year 2017 at the auto show at Los Angeles to view the absolute new seats.

Airscarf for Mercedes convertibles

It generates some warm air to your upper body when the top is usually open. It extends down the driving season in the SL and SLK convertible models and also the E class cabriolet.

Aston Martin Carbon editions

Carbon fiber has got a composite structure and body. It is amazing and is more powerful than steel. It is considered to be lighter in comparision to aluminum.

Aston Martin Carbon Editions

It operates a cool $216,120. You may add some exterior door handles that are there.

Aston Martin Transponder watch

Some of the simple cars can communicate through the smart watches taht may substitute nowadays popular key fobbs.


Tesla Model S Third row seat

You may have a Tesla model S for just $71,000. To place children seats in the automobile can be a bit

of a worry.

Range Rover SV Autobiography Duo Tone Paint

Range Rover has made the luxury for the SUV for many years. It can get a 550 hp supercharged V-8 and many upscale detailing externally.

Range Rover Load Space Floor


It provides a sliding door floor that is on the rear. You may view it as a practical aspect. It is quite simple to load the passengers as cargo.

King of Carbon

There is a great deal to be spent on a Pagani Huayra which is an Italian sports car for the ones fizzled by the Ferrari experience. Some of the alternatives include special type of paint which is equal to the cost of a luxury sedan.

You can think of ticking the box for leather interior and you can place cowhide into the cabin for many people. That is a beginning for the leather lovers of Porsche.

Mercedes Mayback rear seat

There is a great deal to interiors in comparison to leather. These alternatives may cost at least $6250. It begins with $1950 executive rear seat.

Mercedes Maybach Champagne flutes


The pair of silver champagne flutes with bases that stuck to the cup holders. That would cost $32200.


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