The Most Beautiful Rome’s Hidden Churches

The free spirited kind who does want to have fun planning very much in a European backpacking adventure some years back without being aware of where to proceed. The city is very much big and I happened to miss many of the attractions of the luxury travel that included The Vatican that was closed the next day.

In case you have visited the capital of Italy, you will come to know of the several nice churches that have to be explored. St. Paul Outside of the Walls, Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore are on the list of the people. Rome was an array of some hidden churches that do not even exist.

To help you in not making the similar error, there are some list of 8 concealed churches in the city that will involve some amount of research and planning to discover.

San Pietro in Vincoli

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It was first constructed in the 5th century and it was made to house the relic of the chains that hold Saint Peter when he got imprisoned in Jerusalem. It was then that the Pope held the chains of Peter. The basilica has moved through several renovations in many years but remains open nowadays.

It is the most popular attraction that got finished in the year 1515 and was a part of the 47 statue free standing monument for Pope Julius II. It is located at Piazza San Pietro in Vincoli 4A.

Maria della Vittoria

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It was actually designed by Carlo Mademo who was a leading Roman architect of the 17th century whose name was Maria della Vittoria. He made the nice interiors to make it appear like a theater. The statues of the Cornaro family lie in the box seats viewing the center stage.

Santa Maria in Domnica alla Navicella

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It is located on the Celio Hill top and was made in the 5th century. The basilica concentrated on ministering to the poor and it is a task given to the deacons. A mosaic exhibited the Blessed Virgin Mary who actually sits on the throne with Baby Jesus sitting on her lap in the church’s center. There is also an in-depth history between the Medici family and the chapel.

Sant’Ambrogio della Massima

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Sant’Ambrogio della Massima is not that simple to discover. It is not visible from the ground. The basilica is made like a cross and has a dome. It is thought that this church is dated back to the 4th century. The chapel used to be the first home to St. Marcellina. The interior of the church has got rich gold stucco decorations and frescos that exhibit Mary’s life.


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