Party in Europe: Best Places That Aren’t Ibiza

You can take your choice from the countdown of the best top party destinations for all night dancing and drinking.

Lagos, Portugal

In case you get some colorful nights of fishbowl cocktails and flaming shooters, then it may be a kind of a scene. You have to be prepared for a nice experience than the normal style. The staff will not forget you from the night before.

Lagos answer to a big storey Moulin Rouge has to finish with the basement disco and the roof top terrace.

Los, Greece

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This is not your normal Mykonos belly up kind of place. It is famous for being original Greek Party Island. There are many going around in the town of Chora.

Top spot: You may visit the only bar in the night time in order to dance in beautiful eclectic music with the visitors from around the world.

Genoa, Italy

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It is on the coastline in Liguria’s capital port city of Italy. It is famous for its amazing history and beautiful, colorful buildings in the day time. It appears like a great party gem in the night time. There are amazing nightclubs that host big music events for any type of partygoer.

Prague, Czech Republic

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It is a beautiful city that likes music and there are many clubs and bars that are there.

Belgrade, Serbia

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The capital of Serbia provides many outdoor concerts, festivals and all night club raves that may change from one year to another.

Golden Sands, Bulgaria

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You can find nice and amazing sandy beaches in Bulgaria and the visitors are encouraged to dance and drink all night along at the Party Street.


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