Artful Luxury Hotels In Asia: Four Seasons Hong Kong

It has got the best rooftop pools in Hong Kong along the nice, blue Victoria Harbour. It has the finest luxury hotel spa in Asia. There is the two star Michelin French restaurant known as Caprice that had thirty different varieties from France.

There are some reasons to adore the Four Seasons in Hong Kong. Since eleven years of its opening, the hotel is worthwhile. The three hundred and ninety rooms have awesome floor to ceiling windows that have got awesome views of the harbour and the beautiful skyline.

You can enjoy the lovely Chinese accents such as crimson silk and calligraphy inspired ink paintings. The nice desk chair may be positioned in a way that they face the windows and it can be a great relief for a person who is staring at a hotel room wall.

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You can find a vast collection of awesome works done by the great international artist Sandra Walters who made wonderful oil paintings, lithographs and photographs. The concierge gives maps for self-guided tours that attract jazz music, ballet, craft and other artistic techniques that consist of valuable metals and fibers.

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Many of the guests may book some of the curated gallery tours of the city. A big spa is dedicated to the wellness art. The staff that is more than fifty in strength has got many therapists from all around the world. They have actively helped in doing various treatments that are based on many healing traditions.

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The outcome of all this is effective treatments like the Chinese wellness ritual that is a cinnamon rice scrub on a marble slab in a steam room. It softens the skin and is highly relaxing. The aesthetics side is totally driven by results as this is the only spa in Hongkong that uses the cult of Recherche line from France.

The second new skin facial is the greatest aspect in the town and is very effective an making the skin plump with hyaluronic acid and it acts like an alternative to the injections.


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