Watch Guide: The Best New Collections (Gallery)

Abraham Louis Breguet was made more than 200 years ago to compensate the gravity effects on a pocket watch. Tourbillons was very hypnotizing. It arrives in many variations that include many double and triple versions.

Nowadays, the various new watch collections are keeping a retro stylish design. Here are some of the best recent collections and products you can see on the luxury watches market.

Bare Bones

luxury watch

Most of the skeleton watches exhibit what makes a timepiece tick nicely. The various movements have been moved down to exhibit the inside workings and throw some light on the mechanical marvels.

Everything revolves around time

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The chronograph that measures the elapsed time has given elevation to the most iconic watches in history and that include Rolex Daytona and Omega Speedmaster. They are generally handsome and sporty. They have many faces that may stop time.

Movement of the women

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The ladies’ watches have become highly complex in the previous years and they have got devoted in house movements and aspects like calendars and minute repeaters. They dial up old fashioned elegance.

Art of time

luxury watch art

If you are aware of the precise minutes it will not be the top most priority when you wear a timepiece. The most exotic watches exhibit some means to tell about time. Most of them can make people interacting for many hours. You have to see the watch guide to know more about everything.


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