The Most Expensive Hotel Experiences in France

To be genuine is better in comparison to a dream when it is all about travel. My excursion took me to Eurail from Paris to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpelier, Carcassonne and back to Pairs in some days. France is a nice nation where the history is rich and the food is marvelous.

If you happen to drink the best wines and eat the finest of the meals. It is pivotal that you decorate your journey with the best luxurious accommodations that the nation has to offer. You may enter the most recent roundup of five best hotels in France. In case you discover yourself in these magnificent cities, you do not have to miss out a single chance to reside in these utopias. It is sure that you would not regret it.

Hotel Napoleon (Paris)

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This is a splendid 19th century hotel that belongs to the Napoleonic Era and has got immense charm and grace. This hotel has got 102 rooms and every room in it has got some luxurious properties when it is about design. The color palettes are nicely designed. The service is warm and welcoming with a nice room service and a fantastic dining experience accessible downstairs at the Bivouac restaurant. In case you want to stay in your room, the bathtubs are very relaxing and full of space.

Intercontinental Bordeaux: Le Grand Hotel (Bordeaux)

Every one of the one hundred and thirty rooms of the marvelous Bordeaux Hotel are nicely designed and beautifully decorated. Jacques Garcia, the designer develops a remarkable atmosphere that is great in color. The hotels has one of the best spas in the city.

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There is a three level spa les Bains De Lea on the top of the three floors of the hotel and provides a fantastic view of Bordeaux rooftops. You can take immense benefit of the Spa’s full range of treatments. You may also relax in the roman baths for some minutes. This hotel is total heaven.

La Cour Des Consuls Hotel and Spa (Toulouse)

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It is modern and innovative in design. La Cour Des Consul has got thirty two rooms and has six suites and two meeting rooms. It has also got a spa and a fitness center.

The clean atmosphere elevates elegance to a completely new level with ultimate staircases that leads the guest to the calm and serene corridors into exceptionally styled rooms. We suggest getting yourself treated to a spa day where they utilize the Grande De Pastel. There is a nice line of natural skincare products made from pastel plant of Toulouse.

The rooms begin at $200 EU a night. This hotel provides a full lux hotel experience from dining to wellness.

Chateau Pennautier

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There is a booking requirement at a minimum of four rooms. This castle is a nice getaway for the ones who travel in groups and events. The chateau manager, Sabine Jakobs takes immense pride in providing her guests the best deluxe tourism experience that the town has to provide.

The nicely organized affairs that are made to suit the needs of the guests enable you to relax and have fun in the natural beauty and rich heritage of the town. There are twenty four rooms beginning at $175 EU per room per night. The nice atmosphere and great designs provide a fascinating glimpse into the beauty of the Arcadian lifestyle with a nice French twist. The chateau gives a nicely curated experience for the ones who like the beauty of the quiet French countryside.


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