The Luxury Property Where You May Program Your Own Fireworks Show

To reside at the Ty Warner Mansion is too distant from typical. It got opened in July at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso that is a Rosewood resort in Los Cabos in Mexico. This mansion covers at least 28000 square feet of private oceanfront luxury property and is full with an infinity pool and a personal spa. The price for this is $35,000 for one night.

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The mansion is a part of Ty Warner hotels and resorts and it was founded by Beanie Baby billionaire Ty Warner. There are some nice amenities such as two master suites and chauffeur driver car service. It is a great escape for a person who is rich.

The guests can have some customized firework displays and they have to celebrate on a special occasion. The entrance exhibits the Indian and Mexican property design influences. You may walk by a big display of plants that the property has the biggest 360 degree gardens in the whole world.

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You can find amazing details from the designer Robert such as twenty feet ceilings and the Indian silk sari upholstery and the awesome reflecting pool. You may get inside the living room that gives a genuine feel of the indoor and outdoor living.


Inside the luxury proprety , the kitchen is well covered in great colorful patterns and has a nice, built-in pizza oven. The mansion uses a private chef who can make awesome custom menus that are in accordance with the preferences of the guests.


The luxury mansion comprises of two wonderful master bedrooms and each one has its own custom Mexican artwork, steam room and an outdoor shower. You can see someone with utmost ease swimming in the glass pool that is above the master bath.

The tequila library has the rare tequilas and those include Don Julio and Clase Azul Ultra. The media rooms consists of some plush couches and a ninety inches flat screen that is best for private movie screenings.

There are also some nice pinball machines and ample space for playing games. There is a 9000 square foot rooftop and it has got its own amenities.


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