The Craziest Luxury Car Features

In case you want to invest more, car makers will definitely let you. There are some of the craziest car features evers seen.

BMW’s gentleman function


It makes you move the passenger seat from your side.

Toyota Century’s cassette deck


You may purchase a luxury car in the year 2014 with a trustworthy V12, amazing lace curtains and a cassette deck.

Audi’s seats


The jump seats are not suitable for the children in case you are aware of what we mean.

Bentley’s infotainment pack


There are set of iPads, keyboards and two in headset screens and also a 12 inch drop down screen worth $32,000 dollars.

Audi and Aston Martin’s Bang pop-up tweeters

They are awesome and they add weight.

Mercedes Benz’ granite trim


You require a car lined with stone as there is a torque to take care of anything.

Porsche’s leather vents


They will wrap you’re A/C paddle shifters and vents in suitable colors.

Rolls Royce starlight headliner


The finest aspect is that it is also a feature accessible in the Opel Adam.


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