The Best Cities You Need to Discover in Asia

Asia is one of the We take a close look at Asia to know the places that exhibit different cultural aspects. Each destination in Asia may offer a great pleasure for each kind of traveler. The list exhibits the finest of the best.

It is nice to mention that discovering the perfect hotel to fit your needs in Asia have a tendency to be less straightforward in comparison to the rest of the world.

There are some suggestions for finding the greatest experiences in two cities that are not well-known:

Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi is the ancient capital city that has a nice blend of Asian and Colonia architecture. That will be also a place where you should know how to cross the street in a nice way.

The food is awesome here. In case you join the locals with a fancy furniture, you can eat well. Many of the tourists restaurant have a tendency to be affordable and sumptuous.

travel destinations

Hanoi Hilton Prison

Some of the attractions in this travel destination includes Ho Chi Minh’s Tomb and the Hanoi Hilton prison.

Goa, India


It is an awesome beach town which is best for relaxation purposes in the sun. There are an array of restaurants and hotels in Goa while many of the visitors in Goa are Europeans. Goa is a fantastic paradise of the drinkers and there are ice cold bottles of Kingfisher that you may get under just 2 USD at the beach shacks.


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