Luxury Lifestyle: What is The Most Expensive Food in the World

Food, wonderful luxury food! It does not consume much of the time to make a man contented. You need to provide him a bagel for breakfast and also pizza for lunch. A very heavy steak dinner along with some mushrooms and watermelon fruit will be a great treat.

There are some greatest costly foods in the world that are very nice.

Matsutake Mushrooms for $1000

Mattake or Matsutake

The matsutake mushroom is the most costly mushroom in the entire world nowadays. This is a mushroom that is in great demand and it can be found in North America, Asia and Europe. A very famous one is that which is linked with the Japanese Red Pine. It is normally hidden beneath the fallen leaves on the forest floor. It is not easy to find. The yearly harvest in Japan is less than one thousand tons.

Westin Hotel Bagel – $1000

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It is not that bagel that can be varied from what you normally have for your breakfast. This is a fantastic creation of Frank Tujague who is the chef of Westlin hotel in New York. There is a little white truffle of cream cheese and also goji berry Riesling jelly that consists of golden leaves. The Italian fungus is the most costly food products in the entire world.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata – $1000

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You can cook the omelets with considerable ease. All you require is just some eggs with any other food that you desire to utilize as an ingredient. The restaurant known as Norma had a big leap forward by putting some lobster claws and also some ounces of caviar in 6 eggs. The outcome of that is a thousand dollar omellete or a zillion dollar lobster frittata. It features just ten percent of the caviar. The restaurant sells it for just $100. The other version of frittata is sold for 12 times. The small version is around fifty times in one year.

Wagyu Ribeye Steak – $2800

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Wagyu beef is the most liked product due to its greater percentage of omega3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Its great composition enables it to have a great ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fats. The finest of the lot is from Kobe. The cows here are provided beer and are given massage on a regular basis to make sure they are tender.

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