Hi-Tech News: This Camera That Is Changing the Way We Take Travel Photos

Do you need to make your travel photography to the next level? You need to leave the DSLR for a trio of small shooters who have got superpowers. The big important camera is on the list for any kind of vacation and it may be the city, ocean or nation. It can be very relaxing to do some hiking in the secret beach without having a camera that is tied on to my neck.

The vacations have to be documented with the finest equipment that is possible. The technology actually makes us relive our time in a completely new dimension and the finest means is to document your vacation in the 21st century.

One of the nice and hi-tech cameras is the smartphone that is usually a part of your hand and is adjusted with some special type of lenses. One needs to improve the image quality and create surprising videos and images.

In order to discover the ideal vacation photography aspects, I had to tour the New York City for one week with three of the gadgets. All of the products were light, small and less costly.

The LG 360 CAM appears just same as that of an asthma inhaler and is considered to be the finest pocket camera. It has got dual angle lenses that can easily capture 360 degree view of the different surroundings. It usually makes a spherical image that you may explore by making use of a smartphone or a computer.

You may view all the scenes to the left and the right and below or above. Some of the weeks before, you are not able to share the images on Facebook. I chose the Grand Central terminal that is very difficult to capture in simple photos for a novice photographer.


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