Luxury Dining: Who Won Good Food Awards 2016

A Northern Ireland in its year of trading has been named the winner in United Kingdom. Wine and Brine that is located in the awesome small market town of Moira has been there since the month of December.

Chris worked with chefs like Gary Rhodes and Richard prior to returning back to Northern Ireland after two decades. Wine and Brine was a great winner and a nice role model of its own type. He had a nice cooking of fresh and local ingredients at affordable prices.

Wine and Brine has a big local fan base. Every town needs to have luxury hotels and restaurants. “We are a smart business and it makes us distinct for us. We want to make nice food available for all by making use of the wine suppliers”, says the chef.

“Our butcher is only some miles radius away than most of the suppliers”, she added. The achievement was nicely deserved. Chris and Davina provides good standards at reasonable prices.


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