Lustrous Minimalist Living Room Ideas

When you are a minimalist, space, lighting, and the objects you put in your living room play a significant role in making everything appealing. Once you learn how to manage these three aspects, you can achieve any desired look. You don't have to break the bank for your living room to be sleek. It is possible to be a minimalist and still have a lustrous living room.

Here are amazing ideas that will help transform an average room into a dream living room.

White Walls

It is easier to give your living room a bright look by simply painting the walls white. White walls will make your house look shiny and full of life. Other colors in the house will be seen clearly in a white background. Additionally, white will blend with all colors.

If you live in a rental apartment without a white wall, you can opt for wallpapers. Go ahead and purchase enough white wallpapers to cover entire walls in your living area. Wallpapers are affordable, and so is the paint for those who will be painting. Therefore, if you want to have a bright living room for a few dollars, paint the walls white.

Bright Furniture

A bright sofa set in your living room will make a significant impact in creating an elegant style. You can choose to have a yellow sofa in your living room, and people will be convinced that you have spent a million bucks to make your house look shiny. You can select any bright color of your choice, and it will give the room a brilliant life.

Bright furniture also includes the table. A glass table in your living room is a good idea for that lustrous look. Glass tables are affordable, yet they give your living room a glossy look. You can pair the bright furniture with metallic pieces that are also affordable. This can be something as small as a metallic lampstand.

Dramatic Furniture

Instead of having bright furniture in your living room, you can choose to have dramatic furniture. This includes the L-shaped sofa sets, oval or curved shaped, or bean bags among others. These are not the regular shapes and that’s why they will give your room a lustrous look.

Dramatic furniture pieces are affordable as you can get a local carpenter to make it for you. If you go for dramatic furniture, you should have less stuff in your living room.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is seen as a normal fan hanging from your ceiling, cooling the room it’s in. However, it also plays a role in making your house look amazing. You can change the look of your house by simply adding a ceiling fan. It is affordable and it is easy to find.

Choose a color that blends with the rest of your living room. Moreover, different designs of ceiling fans exist, which is also a plus because you will ideally choose a design that will accentuate the lustrous look of your living room. Size also matters when it comes to choosing a ceiling fan. If you have less stuff in your living room, then select a medium-sized, though a small-sized fan will work if your living room is full.

Showcase Your Style

The fact that you are a minimalist does not mean that you have to sacrifice your style. You can pick one major aspect from your unique style and incorporate it with the pieces in your living room. For example, if you love gold pieces, but it is expensive to have your living room full of gold, you can choose to have a few elements. For instance, your lampstand can be gold, or your bookshelves can have gold elements. Also, gold is an excellent color to paint cabinets.

It is affordable to have these few pieces, and they will give your living room an elegant look. Also, you will be happy to see your style in your living room. You should not let being a minimalist make you live in a dull room that does not define your style.

Green Plants

Green plants in your living room will help brighten the look of the house. Put plants on the floor or walls if they are small in size. Never forget to water plants as well. When you choose to have green plants in your house, you should also check on appropriate vases to plant them in. Select the vases according to the colors and design of your choice, and ensure that they blend well with your living room.

Green plants perfectly pair with white walls, making your living room look fabulous. If you are too busy to water your plants, feel free to purchase fake ones. No one will notice easily unless they pay attention to detail. Fake plants will also enhance the attractiveness of your room.

Some Artwork

Artwork usually makes a living room look incredible. Install several such pieces on the wall. Drawings or words of affirmation make good artwork. Go for bright colors or something with a white background, but verify that the colors complement other features of the room.

Various forms of art are affordable in online stores, so you should not worry about spending thousands of dollars to get incredible artwork.

Include One Vibrant Accent

As a minimalist, go for a one-color living room. For example, your walls and couches can be white. However, you can quickly achieve a lustrous look in that room by simply featuring one vibrant accent. For example, amid your white couches, you can put a bright red chair. This will make your living room look fresh and shiny but also colorfully interesting.

All these ideas will give your room a shiny and unique look, and they are affordable. Be bold enough to combine a few of them, but you should not go overboard. You can achieve a lustrous look by carefully picking the ideas based on personal taste and preferences.


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