Home Design Ideas: How To Use Rustic Accents Inside A Modern Apartment

When we show an apartment as rustic, there are some images of lodges and wood cabins. The question arises about how one can take the warmth and serenity of a wood cabin and get it inside an apartment. The awesome design by Anton exhibits a wood paneled design that appears modern and stylish.

You need to use high, full length wooden panels and flooring with warm oak tones. This apartment is very simple and serene in many space transitions. The white walls have some touch of elegance. There is some marble tiling and awesome furniture that adds a great feel.


A wooden floor welcomes the visitor in the lounge and is suited by the wooden furniture and partition walls. There are beautiful, stone colored curtains that add light with a nice view. There is a black cabinetry that provides space a modern look. You can see the magnetic black hanging lights which are marvelous. These add beauty and ambience.

The individual aspects start to make themselves known. Star Wars décor is concealed in corners, crannies and nooks. There is fine leg framing that exhibits the beauty of line and filled wine glasses. There are some long surfaces that make the space luxurious and huge. The varied kinds of wood materials exhibit an industrial feeling.


The details of the luxury interior design show a meeting between the man-made and the natural. You will find a wooden breakfast table in the kitchen and also the tiled and wooden floors. The home office has got wooden and a black table with a metallic table that has a wooden feature wall. The corridor has got wooden partitions and a bamboo feature wall.

The floors and the wooden walls make some kind of cohesion in between the spaces and warmth. The walk-in wardrobes and the corridors have a wood stand. The wooden elements in the bathroom are among the shafts of marble and tile. The broad mirrors show clean white ceramics and the chrome fixtures are remarkable. There is a full length textured black granite wall that tells the visitors that there are Stormtroopers inside.


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