How Are Sky Villas Taking The Luxury Home To The Final Level

The luxury section in the Indian real estate segment is the real one. Money can purchase everything that is made accessible to the purchasers who want to live life to the fullest extent. The sky villas are the most recent development on this aspect.

The concept is borrowed from the every growing western real estate markets. It has been there in the nation for some years and has got great prominence in the most recent times.

What is actually a Sky Villa?

The penthouses and the villas have been actually marketed to HNI home purchasers. The sky villas mix the benefits of the villas and the penthouses with some extra exceptional aspects. A sky villa is the nice multi-level apartment that usually covers at least two to three floors. It blends the luxury of a wonderful bungalow with many benefits of a secure living and some good facilities in an apartment complex.

The main concentration is on the sky villas and depends on the purchaser and the amenities are shared by every individual of the tower that has the sky villas. The luxury is restricted to the penthouse residents.

The amenities provided by different developers who make the sky villas have many private gardens and private pools, private elevators, home theater lounges and mini-gyms. It is an absolutely developing and a new segment and there are no benchmark prices.

The luxury home segment is a very much developed market that covers at least seven to eight percent of the total real estate. It has been developing in double digits in a previous couple of years. There has been a constant rise in the high net worth persons.

The concept of sky villas is getting highly popular in Las Vegas in America. There are sky villas that are in active competition with the top most costly homes in the entire world. They have the similar type of luxury that is for the Indian consumers. This classic niche luxury segment is luring investments form the builders.


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