Different Types And Benefits Of Roller Blinds

It is not surprising how roller blinds are getting famous and popular everywhere. Rollerblades are not only highly functional but also look super nice. Roller blinds give high privacy. Maximum light from outside is blocked by the usage of roller blinds. They also provide high protection against heat. Roller blinds come in different materials, types, and sizes. Once you have decided to buy you can find roller blinds online as well.

Almost all roller blinds have slats that are there to adjust it up and down. These can also be tilted side to side. There are block-out roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds and light filtering roller blinds available in the market and online. These are made from different materials and colors and designs. Roller blinds are a great option for covering the window as they come in UV ratings and helps to protect your furnishings in the house. If you are confused about which roller blinds to use then you are at the right place!

What Is A Roller Blind

One-piece fabric that comes in sunscreen, translucent and block-out options is a Roller Blind. Roller blinds are used to cover windows. They can be rolled down and up and side to side by the usage of a cord. Roller blinds come in different materials, color and designs. They are very minimalistic and look absolutely beautiful. You can choose the fabric according to your degree of privacy, level of humidity and light penetration required. Many different roller blinds offer matchless convenience and you can control it with a remote.

Types Of Roller Blinds

There are many different types of roller blinds available nowadays in the market even though almost all of them work similarly. Try to simplify your selected item and don’t get stuck in the huge variety, some of the features that differentiate them are:

  • Light filtering ability.
  • The requirement of a cassette at the top of the roller blind.
  • The privacy level you require during night time and day time.
  • Decorative patterns, practical PVC, textured plains.
  • Aluminum or PVC cords with roller blinds.
  • Rail or bar size for the bottom of the roller blind.
  • Blocking out glare and UV rays.

Rooms that require Roller Blinds

Bedroom: For bedrooms, block-out blinds are perfect as they offer privacy and block out unwanted light at the same time. You can roll down the blinds and enjoy the maximum level of privacy with no light during day and night time.

Kitchen: For kitchens, sunscreen and block-out are preferred and are most useful. Water-resistant is a very good option and provides a certain level of privacy without the sun damage.

Living Room/Lounge: For a living room or lounge area, many people prefer using both block-out and sunscreen. Some use a combination of all three types. Combination brackets can be used to install different roller binds at once and allow anyone when required. The block-out option is often used at night and the sunscreen option is used in the daylight.

Office: For offices, sunscreen is usually used as they are very much effective at lessening the effect of light, heat, and sun-glare at daytime. For light reduction, block-out may be used for the light reduction process.

Bathrooms: For bathrooms, block-out roller blinds are used as the maximum level of privacy is required. Water-resistant roller blinds are used in the bathroom as the usage of water is a lot. Light and privacy can both be offered by a light filtering roller blind.

Any roller blind can be fitted either in a face-on fit or a reveal-fit. In a face-on fit, the roller blind is attached outside of the window. The roller blind is attached to the face of the wall. The face-on fit is very good for the reduction of light and is generally used for block-out roller blinds. A reveal fix is an option of fitting a roller blind inside of the window. This looks very clean and neat and is a very popular fit. It is also flush with the wall giving a very unique and elegant look.

Following are some different types of roller blinds available in the market and online nowadays along with their benefits:

Roller blind screens

Roller blind screens can control heat and light very remarkably. These are very versatile and easy to handle. This is a thin and subtle material that is flame-retardant and has an openness factor to it. They are also available in many different colors and you can choose and match the colors to your décor. These are often fungi and bacteria resistant. Roller blind screens can be installed in the kitchen and bathrooms and any other humid areas. These are available in all over the market and are not only manual but also automatic options.

Block out roller blinds

These roller blinds come in both complete black-out fabric and in light filtering options. They also come in both PVC-free and PVC-contained options. These roller blinds have a coating that usually blocks out the light, this coating can be found at the back of the roller blinds. These roller blinds can be used in bedrooms for maximum privacy and children or baby rooms.

PVC roller blinds

These roller blinds cause a complete blackout. They provide you with maximum privacy and a dark room even during day time. These are perfect for someone who stays up all night and has to sleep in the morning and is irritated with day-light. These are a very smart and witty choice for bedrooms and board-rooms. These are usually crack resistant and flame retardant. These are also very easy to clean and manage. They also have both options for using manual and automatic.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

These roller blades are perfect for bedrooms or any rooms where you don’t want sun rays as it limits and blocks out almost 95% of the rays. These sunscreen roller blinds are a very common and popular choice for many common areas.

Some More Types

Perforated Roller Blinds: These roller blinds are very versatile while having to provide with great function. They filter any harmful sunrays that try to enter and is energy efficient. Perforated roller blinds also provide you with great privacy. They usually have to hold down brackets additionally and are able to cover up the windows.

Fabric Roller Blinds: Fabric roller blinds provide maximum privacy and are very beautiful but not a see-through fabric. They enhance the beauty and are beautiful to enhance the décor and make your house look elegant. A darker tone can be picked and used to limit light.

Kitchen Roller Blinds: Kitchen roller blinds are usually water-resistant and are very easy to clean. The grease built-up or any other dirt is very easily cleaned off. These also come in a fire repellent fabric and is easier to use in the kitchen. You can select the color of your choice and match the settings of your interior.

Outdoor Roller Blinds: Outdoor roller blinds are great and elegant for any outdoor sitting areas that you might have in your house. You can use these in your verandah or your courtyard. Outdoor roller blinds are great with blocking off any harmful rays from the sun and make you relax while also enjoying outdoors.


When it comes to choosing blinds, they come in a huge variety of options of design, texture, and color. These have smooth operation facilities and come in child safety regulations. They are great to maximize your privacy while also looking elegant. Roller blinds are also very easy to maintain as all they need is a vacuum cleaner and the dust comes off. Roller blinds are very easy to use and provide protection and style at the same time. These are a great way to upgrade your house with style and elegance.


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