10 Beautiful Places To Explore in Winter

There are 10 beautiful places to travel in the winter season and you will surely enjoy them.

Chicago, USA


Chicago is the finest known windy city. It is awesome in the winter months when it completely becomes a snowy city. When January or February set in Chicago, it is very cold. The temperature may drop down to very low. It has been seen that the Lake Michigan freezes totally.

Tallinn, Estonia

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The medieval old town of Tallinn is marvelous all through the year. In the long winter months, it is about a new dimension of wonder. You may take a nice walk along the Toompea and you will find the beautiful Raekoja Plats. You can go to the small room that is near the Town Hall for a nice glass of Glogi or some nice, homemade soup.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia


It has a series of 16 Turquoise lakes that flow into each other in a fantastic display of the power of water and its beauty. There is also the frozen Plitvice National Park and that is the finest tourist attraction in Croatia. It is mostly deserted in the winter season. It appears very beautiful when its waterfall are frozen.

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan


This may not be a dramatic winter landscape in Japan but it is fantastic in the winter months. The snow monkeys take bath in the steaming hot springs and it may take some willpower to have resistance of stripping and then joining the monkeys. The attendants can have something to mention regarding that aspect.

Banff National Park, Canada


The main attraction of the Banff National Park is the Moraine Lake that is 15 km from Lake Louise. The crystal clear waters exhibit the beautiful snow capped valley of the ten peaks.

Hallstatt, Austria


This place is really amazing. It is a small Lakeside village and it is a UNESCO world heritage site in Austria. It appears amazing when the Salzburg mountain is covered by snow. It is considered to be the most beautiful villages in the world.

Richmond Park, United Kingdom


This is London’s largest park and is wonderful in the winter season. It is spread at 2500 acres and is three times the size of the New York’s Central Park. The wild deers gallop around it and it seems you may get lost in the middle of the beautiful English countryside. When there is snowfall in the capital, Richmond Park is really the place to be.

Gobi Desert. Mongolia


In case you are the invidual who wants to travel deep inside Mongolia to see the camels in the middle of the winter season, then this is the place to visit. The local camel herders take active part in the POLO races and competitions. One is keen to ride a camel and take part in the opening parade.

Bruges, Belgium


There are cobbled alleyways here and frozen canals. It has got a Gingerbread architecture and appears fantastic in the winter season. There is more area here as compared to any other city in the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


It is located above the village of Hohenschwangau southwest of Bavaria. It appears very amazing at the time of the winter season when the engulfing forest is covered in snow.



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