The Next Home Design Trend: Floating Villas

Dubai is popular for its amazing architecture. The city has got most creative structure that are awesome. You can find the floating Seahorse villas at the Dubai International boat show in the year 2015. The villas float just similar to the anchored boats without listing from side to side. Every three story exhibit the whole floor that is below the sea and has got two big windows. It measures 269 square feet and there are some front row seats to the marine life.

This is a real idea to possess a boat villa with a submerged floor where you may get the feeling of moving down into the master bedroom and be in touch with the walls. You have to view the reef and the marine life around you. It is a part of the great luxury travel and it is wonderful.

luxury villas

The Floating Seahorse, Dubai

This is made by the real estate property development firm. The villas are a part of the resort, Heart of Europe and it has got the six man islands and many hotels. It has got the world’s first climate controlled streets.

You may find at least fifty floating abodes that have a total of 131 villas at the end of the year 2017. There are various underwater projects for at least ten years. The great mega development at the Dubai coast exhibits the three hundred reclaimed islands that are just like the global map.

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Randall T. Fennell Residence Portland

Many architects from ten varied nations had submitted ideas and the theme was made in such a way that everybody said it is spectacular.

You can anticipate the floating seahorse villas to spring up and down similar to a boat. It is still on the board. The designing team fought for many months to get this aspect. This work needed some calculations and dozens of trial that functions in a nice environment in Dubai Maritime city. For the underwater windows it appears as if there is nothing between you and the fish.


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